This page contains a fairly complete -- yet not exhaustive -- list of presentations, panels, keynotes, webinars, and other events where I have participated for the last two years.

  • EduCon; Philadelphia, PA. 2016 notes, and 2017 Educon Cryptoparty and Student Voices on Digital Redlining.
  • South by Southwest EDU; Austin, TX. Multiple panel discussions on student data privacy, interoperability, and learner agency.
  • ISTE; Denver, CO - session information.
  • Data Champions Summit - presentation notes.
  • Baltimore Country Public Schools - presentation notes.
  • TCEA - presentation notes.
  • ATLIS - presentation notes.
  • Macomb County Community College - worked with students doing research on privacy, security, and digital redlining.
  • IMS Global Leadership Institute - panel discussion on vendor concerns around privacy, security, and legal compliance.
  • NAED Big Data Conference - conference overview and pdf summary.
  • Oregon EdTech Professional Development Cadre. September 28, 2017. Presentation notes.
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation Innovation Conference - panel discussion on privacy, security, personalized learning, and equity.
  • Future of Privacy Forum webinars and bootcamps. Multiple events covering advertising technology, tracking, privacy, security, and software design.
  • COSN Annual Conference - presentation notes.
  • A4L Student Data Privacy Conference - panel discussion. 
  • Strategic Data Project at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University
  • This is an older presentation (spring 2015) that is generally vendor-focused, but the content holds up.


  • Mozilla Festival 2017, London, England.
  • NAIS POCC Conference, Burbank, CA.