Breakdown, by state, of how voter registration info and history is sold. #privacy

A state by state breakdown of how voter information and history is sold.

This 3yo piece from @natashanyt on consumer data is pretty chilling.

This is why privacy matters. Consumers can't access the data that companies use to judge us.

Tools for Tailored Learning May Expose Students’ Personal Details from @natashanyt

This lays the foundation for some of the privacy related issues with data collection in educational settings.

Colleges getting "creative" (aka, somewhat creepy) with data use on applicants h/t @readywriting

One college actually set up a social site and analyzed interactions of applicants.

An in depth read from @richelord: Surveillance Society: Students easy targets for data miners

Story on edtech and privacy - I'm a source on this one, along with Khaliah Barnes and Joel Reidenberg.