Data Clean Up - No Time Like the Present

1 min read

I can't think of a better time than the present for schools to clean up some of their existing demographic data collected on students. Ideally, demographic data can be used to ensure that students and schools get resources they need, but in some cases, the same demographic data used to help deliver services could also be used to help identify parents or families that have have stayed past the time permitted on their visa. 

For example, information on languages spoken in the home, the presence or absence of a social security number, or questions that look directly at immigration status can all be used in multiple ways. Given that collecting accurate data on sensitive topics is never easy, deleting this data as a means to insuring that it isn't misused or misconstrued is a recommended path. 

If you don't have data, it can't be compromised, leaked, or misused. For schools that have sensitive demographic data on the students entrusted to their care, now is an ideal time to clean up.