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In conjunction with our work within the Drupal community and with OpenAcademic, we have brought a site live for people to check out: http://drupaled.alphabetademo.org

The site can function as a blogging platform, a podcasting platform, a wiki, an informal learning space, a course management space, and/or as a replacement for an organizational intranet. Within the site, users can create working groups or communities of practice. The site also supports social bookmarking. The homepage of the site gives a more complete overview of the functionality.

We would like to turn this site into a downloadable installation profile as quickly as possible, so that whoever wants this functionality can grab it and install it. This install profile will be released under the GPL license.

If you want to check the site out, feel free to create an account and play around. If you want to get involved, we'd love your help!

  • To start, we'd love to get people's first impressions as they check out the site, What made sense? What was intuitive? What was confusing? We have set up a wiki page for this feedback; your responses will help us tweak the look and feel of the site to make it easier to use. Please, share your thoughts! The more feedback we get, the more tweaking we can do.
  • Second, what do people need to know about using the site? We have begun some "Getting Started" documentation that people can build as they work through the site. What functionality do people need to know about as they use the site? This documentation wouldn't need to be technical, but rather should lay out how to use the site from an end-users perspective: ie, click here to do this.

    As I envision it, this "Getting Started' documentation will be edited/distilled into a user's manual that will be included in the final install profile. This way, people who are new to Drupal, or new to working in an online environment, will have some guidance to help them get up to speed.

  • Third: Spot where it's broken. See a broken link? Let us know about it.
  • Fourth: Theming. If there are any graphic artists/designers who want to throw some expertise into making the site look pretty, please let us know by leaving a comment here, or on this post.
  • Fifth: Add your name to the contributor list. If you added documentation, provided feedback, or helped get the site live, let the world know. The Contributors List, along with the Getting Started documentation, will ship with the site.

After we have received some input from the community (aka you), we will bring a version of this site live at DrupalEd.org -- in addition to providing a blogging platform for people who would want one, the DrupalEd site could also become a place for educators to get feedback on the non-technical issues of teaching and working online.