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Cell Phone Policy

This is the general cell phone policy I'd love to see schools adopt - short, simple, and sweet.

Mobile/Cell Phone Policy

During the school day, cell phones can be used. During class time, cell phones can be used in ways that support the teaching and learning process.

Cell phones may not be used in any way that detracts from the learning environment of the school. For more details on these expectations, see the "Classroom Expectations and Maintaining a Healthy Learning" environment section of the handbook on page X.

Cell phones may not be used to harass, intimidate, or bully anyone, at any time. Our school does not support harassment, intimidation, or bullying of any person for any reason. For more details on school expectations, see the "We Do Not Tolerate Bullying" section of the handbook on page Y.


On a semi-related note, if a school is looking for a good resource on bullying, check out Bullied from Teaching Tolerance.

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