Solving Problems and Finding Solutions in Education: A Panel Discussion at the Drupal in Education Unconference

As part of our preparations for the upcoming Education Unconference taking place on March 19th in Denver we are happy to give an update on the panel discussion.

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The participants will include:

  • Jason Hoekstra - Jason is the Technology Solutions Advisor at the US Department of Education. As part of his work in the Department, Jason is working on the Learning Registry, a system to support improved sharing and collaboration among people creating and using online content for learning.
  • Bud Hunt - Bud is an Instructional Technology Coordinator for the St. Vrain Valley School District in northern Colorado. Prior to becoming an Instructional Technologist, Bud taught English. He has been blogging about technology, writing, learning, and learning online since before there was an internet.
  • Bryan Ollendyke - Bryan works in the e-Learning Institute at Penn State as an Instructional Web Technologist. Bryan has been a leading advocate for Drupal within higher education, and is the main developer of ELMS, a Drupal-based learning and instructional design platform.
  • Glenn Moses - Glenn is the Director of Blended Learning at Denver Public Schools. Glenn has spent over a decade designing and working in blended learning environments, and helped build the largest blended learning program in the state of Nevada.
  • Michael Wacker - Michael is the Online Professional Development Coordinator at Denver Public Schools. Michael designs and facilitates online learning spaces for educators to inquire, share, reflect, and connect.

The panel will be moderated by Bill Fitzgerald; Bill worked in K12 education for 16 years prior to starting FunnyMonkey, an open source development shop that works primarily with education and non-profit organizations.

The panel discussion will start by focusing on the professional needs of people working at different levels within different types of educational systems, and what tools have helped them meet those needs.

The Unconference is free, and takes place on March 19th, in Denver, Colorado. See you there!


I'd really love to attend this event, I just wish I lived somewhere near Denver. I've been using Drupal in Education for nearly 7 years now. It would be great to connect with some of the people using Drupal.

Same goes for me, David. I remember making my very first steps using Drupal platform like 5 years ago, since then we moved to other ones as well, but you can't really forget your starting point anyway. I would like to attend events like this one. Do you have any post event articles with thesis which I can read?

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