Our Knight Drupal Initiative Application, Wordle-ized

We're getting very close to completing the application for the Knight Foundation on our Knight Drupal Initiative proposal.

Out of curiosity, I figured I'd run it through Wordle and see what turned up.

Our Knight Drupal Initiative app, run through Wordle


Is it just a coincidence that it looks like Druplicon's eyes?

Wordle is scary smart like that :)



I have not visited this site for a while. My oh my, your site looks fabulous! I remember it from one year ago, it already looked quite beautiful, but now... wow!

And I also love the beautiful word clouds this application you link to creates... I had never seen this application before. I wonder if they're using Processing (some Java open-source framework to create artsy applets).

Good luck with your application for the Knight Foundation... fingers crossed that all goes super well with that.

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