DrupalEd 5.3-0

This release features both security and maintenance upgrades.

For new users, this is the best version to download and install. The download tarball contains a directory named "Instructions" that contains some instructions on getting started. For additional help, and/or to get involved with the DrupalEd community, submit issues to the issue queue or join the DrupalEd group.

Download DrupalEd here

For existing users, you do not need to download and install this tarball. Rather, you should be managing your upgrades by using the update status module. This module will help you keep your DrupalEd install current and secure. If you have an existing DrupalEd site, you should upgrade immediately to keep your site secure.

The code upgrades included in this release include updates to the Calendar, Organic Groups, Pathauto, Date Range Filter, and Tagadelic modules, in addition to an upgrade to Drupal core.

For more information on the security upgrade, see the announcement.



I am sorry i didnt know where to put this post. It will be better if you have a post-installation forum.

I wanted to know which module is responsible for "personal files". There is a 100kb restriction on instructors, i want to remove that.


Hello, Sameer,

Either the DrupalEd group at http://groups.drupal.org/drupaled-distro or the issue queue are good places to ask questions.

The imce settings and the file upload settings both govern file size limitations. Look in the imce settings for your specific issue.



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