DrupalEd Is Ready For Download

DrupalEd is now ready to go --

From the home page that ships with the site:

This site can be used as an informal learning site where all users have comparable permissions, or as a more hierarchical learning environment with students, teachers, classes, and working groups.

Some of the functionality within this site includes:

  • a personal workspace;
  • a group workspace;
  • the ability for site members to create informal working groups;
  • the ability to create formal class spaces;
  • a podcasting platform;
  • a WYSIWYG text editor;
  • wiki functionality;
  • personal and class blogs;
  • rss feeds for the entire site, individual courses, individual terms, and individual users;
  • personal image galleries;
  • personal file repositories;
  • the ability to create private, invitation-only groups;
  • social bookmarking, with searching within bookmark descriptions;
  • spam protection;
  • assignment calendars by course;
  • event calendars for site-wide events;
  • configurable user profiles with searchable text descriptions;
  • the ability to create lists of "friends" among site members;
  • the ability to find the missing sock in the dryer.

The goal of this site is to create a flexible framework that allows for users to set up a social learning environment or a more traditional learning environment depending on the needs of the learners within the site. With this current framework, both approaches are supported.

The site comes pre-configured with some users, roles, a small amount of sample data, and some light Getting Started documentation.

To install the site, you will need to have access to a web server with MySQL and PHP installed. We also recommend Apache for the web server, and Linux as the operating system. We did most of our testing on MySQL 5.0.27 and PHP 5.2.0, but we also did test installs using PHP 4.4.x and MySQL 4.1.

To get started, download the DrupalEd codebase. This core code is Drupal, with selected contributed modules, and two third-party libraries. All of the code used in this installation is available under the GPL or the LGPL. The download includes installation instructions in addition to the core code.

We wanted to get this code out as quickly as possible, but we will be continuing to develop functionality in this install. While this site is pretty full featured, we will be working with the Drupal community to add additional features over time. One of our more immediate priorities for this package is a simpler, more configurable install process. To get involved, join the working group over at groups.drupal.org. The working group is also the best place to provide feedback on the profile.

Finally, many people have contributed to this project in the form of feedback, support, bug squashing, and beer and/or coffee runs. First off, the core Drupal developers made all this possible; without the solid codebase and ongoing improvements none of this would be happening. Trevor Twining has added some useful modifications to the Zen theme that ships with this profile. Dave Cormier provided some great feedback and bug-squashing, and Jeff Lebow was very generous with his screencasting skills and in inviting me on to Worldbridges. Chris Lehmann and Bud Hunt both gave some great feedback on the user interface and functionality. Paul Allison and Susan Ettenheim at Teachers Teaching Teachers contributed an educators' perspective to the site design, and Lee Baber helped with feedback on the design in the early stages. Evan O'Donnell of Teaching Matters gave useful feedback on ways of organizing content in the site, and Martin Buck provided some ideas on simplifying the admin interface that made their way into the final version. Lynne Wolters provided input on the demo version that helped inform some of the final revisions. From down under, Rob Fitzgerald helped identify some trouble spots with installs in different hosted environments, and Jennifer Jones helped with feedback to streamline the user experience.

So, to all who have helped out to get this out the door, thanks. We're excited for this first release, and looking forward to building more functionality out over time.

Bill and Marc


Congratulations you guys - I look forward to trying this out!

Hi, I'm in the process of restoring all the tables by importing oa_drupaled.sql. But when I execute the script I get the following error:

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'ENGINE=MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=1 ' at line 7

Anybody can help me?


Hello, silverado,

I think I just finished responding to you at drupal.org --

It sounds like you are running MySQL 4.0.x or older

For the record, we strongly recomment running on MySQL 4.1.x or greater --

You can eliminate the error by changing ENGINE=MyISAM to TYPE=MyISAM -- Off the top of my head, I also don't think that MySQL 4.0 supports the CHARSET collations, so you might need to delete that as well --

In all likelihood, some of the modules used in the site require MySQL 4.1 or greater.

This probably isn't the answer that you want to hear, but MySQL recommends upgrading from 4.0.x to 5.0 or 5.1 -- there is no longer active development on 4.0 (or 4.1, for that matter) -- in the interest of rolling out a site that as many people as possible could use, we tested on MySQL 4.1, but we did not test on MySQL 4.0.



You're right bonobo. My server has an old Mysql version. I'm planning moving to another company and I'll test it there.


and glad it was helpful!

Sounds interesting. I want to try this out, as soon as I can find a server that can handle PHP/MySQL 5.0. Dern GoDaddy is still stuck on 4.0!

Matt Crosslin
EduGeek Journal

I actually don't recommend hosting Drupal on GoDaddy -- between the age of their apps and their MySQL config, it's not a good combo --



Was really happy to see that you guys have done this and I look forward to using it, but I couldn't get the table install to work on my server after dropping the drupal tables. I just checked and my host is running PHP 4.4.4. So, I will have to wait.
Looking forward to getting to check it out. I'm encouraging the use of Drupal in our district and seeing that you are setting up this distro is very encouraging.
Take care and good luck,

Hello, Dan,

Check your MySQL version -- the php version has nothing to do with restoring tables. If you are running MySQL 4.0.x, the install will not work. It only works with MySQL 4.1 or greater.


Would it be possible to get an export from the 5.0 or 4.1 database of the default installation that is compatible with 4.0? I know that 4.1 and 5.x are able to do exports that are MySQL40 friendly. I would like to test it on that installation of MySQL.

To who it may concern (Bill and Marc)

Subject: Question for creators of DrupalEd

Your project for distribution of Drupal in DrupalEd and connection of DrupalEd+Moodle+CivilCRM harmonizes with us. Our association, The Czech association for nutrition and vegetarianism (ČSVV), has been working on three projects for the last three years: ‘Teachers’ workshop’, ‘Drupal group’ and ‘The School of safe and vegetarian nutrition’.

We have been trying to find suitable and open CMS and LMS systems. CMS Drupal used to be one of our candidates but thanks to your recent project became our only candidate. We have already installed your DrupalEd distribution and are trying to learn how to use it now. We are very enthusiastic about it. In order to fully realize our projects we need to finish the installation of some of the Drupal modules listed bellow.

1. We would like to ask if the modules listed bellow are going to work without any problem in DrupalEd?

For the ‘Teachers’ workshop’ project of ČSVV:
• Biblio 5.x 1.4 http://drupal.org/node/69435/release
• Footnotes http://drupal.org/project/footnotes

For the ‘Drupal group’ project of ČSVV:
• Organizational Infrastructure http://drupal.org/project/oi
• Organic Groups Sites http://drupal.org/project/og_sites
• Multisite Manager http://drupal.org/project/multisite_manager

Additionally required modules for the projects listed above:
• Weight http://drupal.org/project/weight
• Localizer http://drupal.org/project/localizer

2. We would also like to install Drupal 5. in Czech language. Is it going to work without any problem?

3. We would also like to install CiviCRM 1.8 (including modules CiviMember, CiviMail a CiviContribute) and Moodle 1.8.1. Is it going to work without any problem?

Yours sincerely

Jaroslav Škvařil with his team
The leader of CSVV projects: ‘Drupal group’, ‘Teachers’ workshop’, ‘The school of CSVV’

See here for the full comment --



Hi there, just wondering if you've built any facility for importing/exporting IMS content packages to and from DrupalEd?

This is something we'd be glad to build out -- feel free to get in touch.

hi, i am running a site swingwind which helps graduates in India to get a job, i want my site to be an learning site, how can i use DrupalEd for it.

thanks prasanth

Does DrupalEd, as an elearning tool support SCORM, and if so, what version(s).


Hi! I found the codebase above to have some problems, specifically when run against the update_status module (lots of security holes in modules, and almost everything is out of date--including the Drupal base)

How can the community help? At least some updated instructions would help =)

An Upgrade to Drupal 5.10 should soon be available:



I noticed the download is gone?

The download tarball was out of date.

Over the next couple weeks, we'll be releasing our install profile for the Knight Drupal Initiative work.

Hi guys,
I would love to try out your installation profile...where is the download page...thanks...can you send me the link...

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