A General Guide For Creating Open Content - The Short Version

This summary is pulled from the longer post on the process of creating open content. We're all busy, and most of us just don't have the time (or have better things to do with that time) to sit and read the long version. So here we go.

The process of creating open content is pretty identical to creating any other type of content.

  • Plan what you want to write;
  • Research the topic;
  • Curate what you can, and write what you have to; and then
  • Publish your work under an open license.

There are really only two differences about creating openly licensed content and how most of us prepare and use resources, and they are more philosophical shifts than things that take time: first, open content needs to be released under a license that allows reuse, and second, when we create open content we need to view our work as simultaneously ours, and as a potential starting point for someone else.

If you want to work with a group of us creating open content, we are getting together next week (January 24,2013) in Philadelphia. See you there!


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