Readings on Big Data Use and Implications

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This is a general and incomplete list. For additional recommendations, please let me know!

2006: AOL releases data on searches.

2012: Location tracking, and predicting where we will go:

2013: Likes are revealing. This study formed the basis of Cambridge Analytica's work.

2013: Location data is a highly accurate method of identifying individuals. 2 data points can identify 50% of individuals; 4 data points identifies 95% of individuals.

2013: Discrimination in online ads:

2014: NYC Taxi data, aka anonymization is hard.

2016: From ProPublica, the different data categories Facebook (and other data collection companies) collect about us.

2016: Big data, risk assessments, and sentencing:

2017: Cambridge Analytica and the 2016 election:

2017: Tracking a specific person, legally, with $1000 and adtech.

Four books that help frame uses and issues with Big Data: